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Based in the heart of Shoreditch we are advocates of popular culture - looking to schedule shows which draw upon the relationship between art, photography, design and all things made popular through culture and the media.
Our exhibitions:

Feb 17

The Intern - Illustrated

Illustrator; Intern; Retail Assistant

 When I was at the age of 23 I asked my Mother - what shall I do? Shall I draw pictures? Shall I intern?

Here’s what she said to me…


 The BIG lesson I have learnt since graduating last year is to have a plan! Get a part-time job doing anything whatsoever- it will not be your job for life!

I thought it would be easy-ish to find the job of my dreams! But it really isn’t!

 Well I’m definitely not rich yet…but I’m working on it. I’m rich with inspiration – but unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills!

 It’s hard to fight for something you believe in.

(If most of the time you are doubting your belief!)

 The art world is a mine field these days. We are told there is no right or wrong way of expressing ourselves…but if we want to make money out of our craft then it definitely has to be the right way!

I have started my journey through this mine field. I am an unknown artist (except by friends/family and the few friends/fans accumulated through faithful Facebook)

 How do you get where you dream to be?


I don’t enjoy it. But you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

So here I go… 

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Jul 10

For The Love Of Vinyl.

For the love of Vinyl

Celebrating over 40 years of wonderfully designed iconic Vinyl Album art designed by Storm Thogerson and Aubrey Powell commissioned by renowned musicians of the 1970’s such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabath, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Muse and Biffy Clyro.

The Exhibition is taking place at The Gallery, OXO Tower, Barge House Street, South Bank, London and will be open to the public DAILY 11am-6pm until the 26th of July 2010.


Lovingly produced Limited Edition, Fine Art prints are on sale as well as a great book “For The Love of Vinyl” which is the first to doc ument Hipgnosis creative output, focusing on over 60  famous designs, also included are  short essays by artists such as Pink Floy d’s Nick Mason and Peter Blake and  a few CD’s which are all reasonably priced. 

We at Idea Generation Gallery loved working with Storm and wish him lots of luck in this new and exciting exhibition, A must see for all, music and art lovers. Entrance is Free!!! 

Jun 10

A Behind the scenes look at Ray Lowry: London Calling

All systems a go-go this week at IG Gallery - scores of Ray Lowry’s original illustrations and paintings have been flooding in, as have most of the guest contributions. A hugely differing collection of things, bearing in mind the contributions are all re-interpretations of the one London Calling album sleeve.

Preparations are well underway, as we make the final arrangements for the opening next week. To celebrate, and really to relay just how excited we are, we thought we would give you a sneak peak at what we’ve been up to…

The exhibition looks set to be our biggest yet! The private view (June 17th) guest list is bulging at the seams, and we couldn’t help but notice a few VIPs who’ve snuck in there - 80’s legend Sioxsie Sioux (of Sioxisie and the Banshees), the guys and girls from My Bloody Valentine and we’re anticipating a mini Clash reunion as Clash original percussionist and drummer Topper Headon is joined by charismatic tour manager Johnny Green. Not forgetting Clash tour DJ Barry ‘Scratchy’ Myers, who will be taking us back to the heyday of punk with a DJ set at our after party. We’ve even heard whispers that Mick Jones and Paul Simonon may be coming along.

Many contributing artists will also be putting in appearances, including Harry Hill and his wife Magda Archer, plus our sources inform us that Tracey Emin is now floating about in East London, having returned from her French abode for a few weeks…

Ray Lowry: London Calling runs from June 18th – July 4th at Idea Generation Gallery, Shoreditch.

The private view (June 17th) is strictly guest list only, but all are welcome at the after party at The Horse & Groom – free entry from 8pm.

For More info contact:

Jun 4

Shebeen Calling Ray Lowry for Moore Scratchy sounds

Preparations for our upcoming Ray Lowry: London Calling exhibition are well underway here at Idea Generation Gallery - work has been flooding in from contributing artists. We’ve had a sneaky peak at offerings from the likes of Billy Childish, Nick Hornby and Harry Hill – all of whom offer their own, hugely differing, interpretations of Lowry’s seminal sleeve design for The Clash’s London Calling album. Not yet a glimpse of Tracey Emin’s work – we wait with baited (but very excited) breath!

Alongside these new works will be a collection of original Lowry sketches, personal letters, photos, and paintings, some of which will be shown for the first time; offering a not-to-be-missed insight into the life, inspiration and general musings of one of illustration’s greats. So much to display; so much work on its way to us, can’t wait to get it up on the walls.

All is set for quite possibly our best exhibition yet and its all in aid of Ray’s legacy -The Ray Lowry Foundation - which helps to nurture new artistic talent through funding individual art based projects and providing scholarships to students wishing to continue onto higher educational study in the arts. The launch is now only a couple of weeks away and we’ve just sent invites far and wide – RSVP now here.


Never one to do things simply, we’ve decided to go all out and throw a huge after party at our nearby favourite boozer, The Horse & Groom. Located on the slightly quieter side of curtain road, with quirky décor and a laid back vibe, it’s the kind of place we imagine Ray Lowry may have frequented himself. The best thing is it’s only a few mins amble from us at the gallery, so those who have perhaps enjoyed a few too many Becks at the PV do not have far to swagger.


No stranger to live music and raucous crowds, The Horse & Groom seems to us the perfect fit for an evening of jubilation. We’ve sorted a line up of bands and DJs both old and new – all of whom worked with or knew Ray, or have been heavily influenced by him.


The John Moore Rock and Roll Trio will be kicking things off at 9 with a live performance of some back to basics rock and roll blues.  

The band’s made up of John Moore, Phil King and Loz Colbert, who have previously worked with, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Black Box Recorder, Lush, and The Soledad Brothers.

Their music described as “Lascivious, full throttle, hip swivelling invocations to the horned one delivered with maximum power, magnificent shimmer, and an evil growl” is sure to set the evening off with a bang.


The Clash’s legendary tour DJ the free thinking, inimitable Barry ‘Scratchy’ Myers, who’s played with greats, including Blondie, Iggy Pop and The Ramones; and who brought you Scratchy Sounds will be putting in an appearance with a phenomenal DJ set, harking back to the glory days of Punk, Ska and original Dub.


Somewhere in between we’re giving the stage over to newcomers Rum Shebeen, a 7 piece Clash inspired band represented by Strummerville (music charity set up Joe Strummer’s name). We’re expecting some serious skanking on the dance floor with an electric set full of tribal beats, baseline and a kettle drum before the band head off to Glasto and Secret Garden Party.


This line up alone promises for a great after party but we’re still gunning for a few more names…

For starters, the great Jerry Dammers. Famed for so many things including being a prolific anti-apartheid campaigner, playing at Nelson Mandella’s 70th birthday tribute concert and creating the epic ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ record – he of course also founded ‘The Specials’ (!!!) A rather busy man we are hoping he may be able to squeeze in a visit for a guest DJ set.


Not content with that we’re gunning for legendary musician and filmmaker Don Letts, who was actually there that night at The Roxy when The Sex Pistols gave their first ever performance, to come along and join us for one of his rare but amazing performances. Of course, The Clash will be invited – a surprise Mick Jones performance anyone?


Can we pull it off? Who knows…come join us at the Horse & Groom from 8pm on June 17th and find out – free entry to all! (and it runs until 2 in the morning)


For more info contact

May 21

South Africa’s Umuzi Photo Club brings its first U.K. exhibition to London

Here at Idea Generation we’re gearing up for one of our usual speedy changeovers; The Art of Conversation will be ending on Sunday, so if you’ve not had a chance to come down to see it now is the time.


Our new Exhibition with The Umuzi Photo Club opens on Tuesday May 25th Coinciding with Africa day. It’s the Clubs first UK exhibition so we’re all ready to be wowed by some powerful pictures from the heart of South Africa.


Founded in 2009 and run by young professionals on a voluntary basis The Umuzi Photo Club, based in Johannesburg provides art workshops at schools which do not have sufficient resources to do so themselves. Its aim is to help improve the future of young people, by providing artistic and education skills.

Volunteers provide Saturday workshops for primary and secondary school students, empowering them with skills in photography, whilst promoting artistic self expression, and encouraging debate. These workshops are a great way to get children involved in art, providing invaluable skills the students can carry into later life. The club’s aim to move into digital photography will mark a significant development in the project, providing a basis of the computer literacy for the children.

The club provides both resources and guidance for the children involved, channelling the most promising students into professional photography training, which opens up amazing opportunities for them to enter artistic or journalist training.

Running alongside the Umuzi Photo Club is the Umuzi Zulu for village a photography club for primary and secondary school students based in more developing communities.

To date the club has worked with 4 schools, providing 20 workshops, and reaching over 50 children.

This looks set to be a fantastic exhibition, made up of artworks created by the children of the Johannesburg programme. These images give a vivid and compelling insight into their lives and homes, and are really quite stunning.

And particularly with the World Cup coming up, it’s great to see a different side to the country,

On the eve of the World Cup, the images the children have taken offer a unique insight into the lives of the less privileged members of the host nation.”


All prints will be for sale, with proceeds from the exhibition going back to township communities, and used for development projects at the schools Umuzi is involved with.

On opening night there will also be an auction of signed print “Keep Your Eye on the Ball” by Kgaugelo ‘Captain’ Mabjwe (grade 10)

If you’re interested in coming, you’ll have to do it soon, as the exhibition only runs from May 25th – May 30th

For more info:

May 19


Andrew Farrington

We are all getting very excited here at the IG gallery for the fast approaching London Calling exhibition that will pay tribute to one of the art/punk/rock&roll greats – Ray Lowry.

Originally conceived by art curator and founding member of the Ray Lowry Foundation, Julian Williams, The Right Hand Man: A Tribute Exhibition to Ray Lowry, saw a fantastic collection of Lowry’s photographs, sketches and paintings brought together and exhibited in Manchester’s See Art Gallery, marking the first anniversary of Ray’s death and coinciding with the 30th anniversary of The Clash album London Calling.

Although the photograph featured on the cover was in fact taken by Pennie Smith (supposedly not particularly taken with the image), it was Lowry who transformed the photograph into the infamous sleeve.

One year on and the exhibition has found its way down to the Idea Generation Gallery, and having undergone some evolutions in the process. Alongside the founding exhibition’s selection of original artworks by Ray, Ray Lowry: London Calling, will also feature works by a number of prominent UK artists. A collection of 30 London and UK-based artists will contribute new artwork, offering their individual reinterpretation of the classic sleeve, and in response to the personal influence that Ray, as well as the broader punk movement, had on each artist.

To name-drop a few, participating artists are all set to include Tracey Emin, Nick Hornby, Billy Childish, Harry Hill and Keith Allen. The finished artworks are now arriving at our doors and things are shaping up to be very exciting indeed. The news on Emin - allegedly one to cut things a little fine time-wise, and so whose piece we are yet to receive – is that she is well underway with her piece. After a chance meeting with Julian in the pub, this is the word from the horse’s mouth! In the meantime we must continue to wait and anticipate…

The Ray Lowry Foundation was founded in 2009 after Lowry’s sad death the previous year. As well as paying tribute Ray and ensuring that his contribution can continue to be appreciated, the Foundation aims to support young and gifted people to develop their skills in higher education, who would otherwise go without the opportunity to do so.

In addition to the artist originals, reproduction prints of various Lowry images will be on sale – to start from the very reasonable price of £70 – as well as a range of printed T-shirts and other merchandise. All proceeds are to go to The Ray Lowry Foundation. 

Ray Lowry: London Calling runs from 18th June – 04th July

For more information see Idea Generation Gallery or follow us on facebook

We would, of course, advise you in the meantime to watch this space…

May 15

May 13

A rather splendid video courtesy of Salford’s See Gallery from 2008, featuring the Clash’s Johnny Green. Have a watch - its all about influential rock music cartoonist / illustrator Ray Lowry who sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

Ray Lowry: London Calling, is the next major exhibition at Idea Generation Gallery, starting June 18th. Watch this space…

The Art of Conversation:

Its been a busy week as usual for us here at Idea Generation Gallery. The Storm finally weathered as Right But Wrong drew to a conclusion with a hugely successful Off the Wall auction. Storm’s end of show auction was a resounding success with everyone in attendance taking home some amazing bargains (including Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album cover for a ridiculous £250 – with the frame thrown in!) and a lucky few walking away with pieces for free, having answered questions correctly as part of Storm’s often impossible ‘quiz’.

Not ones for resting on our laurels, the day after the auction the guys (and gals) from Inventory Studios took over the space in preparation for their own exhibition launch! All was mayhem and a little bit of madness as the London based Inventory team, and their German partners Bank, prepared the gallery for the edgy new Art of Conversation exhibition. The gallery underwent a total transformation, with the Art of Conversation team painting a signature wall with the exhibition info, in retro orange and blue - several versions of the poster design are on sale from the gallery for the bargain price of £5.

Signature wall over and done with, the next few days saw a stream of interesting objects and artefacts passing through the gallery doors. As a very crude list these include: a giant floating balloon, rotating aeroplanes, a seesaw, an ancient TV monitor, a collection of intern applications and a giant rubber band ball to name but a few.

To elaborate…the basic premise of the exhibition is an exploration of creativity and innovation through a visual game of ‘Chinese whispers’. Each piece of work was created with the help of Skype hosted conversations between 2 high profile international design studios: Inventory (London) and Bank (Berlin). Over the course of 90 days, 20 entirely original works were created, each in response to the previous piece, with the final outcome taking any form. A very clever idea in our opinion, yet more proof that Skype is becoming one of those indispensible 21st century gadgets – my grandparents even demonstrated their knowledge of it to me just the other day.


The look of the final finished installation is on the whole slick, neat and ordered as one might expect from a gaggle of designers. However, thrown into the mix are a whole load of interesting works that would definitely look just at home as part of a Fine Art exhibition, or immersive installation. My particular favourite (and that of many a visitor) is Eat sleep Work/Play’s giant floating balloon – an homage to the balloon ride which the first design team were given to kick off the whole design process.

Tuesday just gone saw the formal launch of The Art of Conversation. In expectation of a huge turnout we stockpiled the Becks, filled up the chiller bins and waited in anticipation. Sure enough, the masses soon arrived…



I think it’s safe to say, the interactive aspect of many of the works went down a treat - namely Oscar & Ewan’s Sea Saw (which to the relief of all was not to blame for an accidents) and Simon Elvin’s aeroplane installation blotto -  not just with the kids, but with everyone.   

With the Becks all gone and an atmosphere of jubilation in full swing, those left carried on up the road to an after party, in associated with Dazed at Dalston’s Stag’s Head. Those of us who had work the next morning remained and pieced everything back together (and had a sneaky play on the seesaw)…


The Art of Conversation: London-Berlin runs until May 24th here (at Idea Generation Gallery, Shoreditch, in case you hadn’t figured that out already) before moving on to Program in Berlin from the 12th June - 3rd July. Each designer featured in the show has also created a limited edition print, available to purchase from the gallery or from the Art of Conversation’s rather snazzy website – priced £25. 


Apr 21

Live Music and Design at the Hands of Storm Thorgerson

As another weekend draws to a close Storm proves as popular as ever as he continues to draw in the masses. The weekend was under way with Friday evening’s Eye to Eye (or not), which saw Storm take the hotseat under the all inquisitive eye of psychotherapist Dr John Woods. Woods explored a selection of works, which included both iconic and lesser known images, examining the significance of key elements and themes that reoccur across his work.

Saturday’s activities in the gallery more than measured up to the previous nights’ with a certain crowd pleaser: live body painting! Recreated for all to experience, one of the StormStudio team set about bringing the relatively recent, but hugely popular, Amputecture, to life and legend as it joins Pink Floyd in Storm’s iconic Back Catalogue. The event, which, much like the installation of the show and came as something of a surprise, was the one that many had been eagerly anticipating, and those sharp or fortunate enough to be keeping an ear out on the trusty facebook/twitter, were not left disappointed.

Joint recreations of Amputecture and Absolution take place on the gallery floor.

Amputecture joins the Back Catalogue against an Interstellar backdrop.

If, however, you were unlucky enough on this occassion to miss out on the body painting, we have something of a silver lining in store for this coming Friday 23rd. With live music provided by jazz musician and guitarist John Etheridge, the StormStudio team will produce live artwork in the IG gallery space. This will echo the creative process by which Storm and his studio go about the initial stages of all of their album artwork. Having said this, the original artwork is certain to be unique as, not only will it be formed in direct response to Etheridge’s music, but Friday’s event will be a first for the team who have never ‘performed’ as a live event and in the company of an audience.

Early origins of some familiar images

Doors will be open from 6.30pm onwards. There is no need to rsvp but we can always recommend arriving earlier to avoid any disappointment. And then of course there’s the Becks - as they say, the early bird catches the worm…

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